Monday, 5 March 2012

It's Blogging Time!

Oh My Goodness!
Where has time gone?! SO much had happened since our last blog.....ok where to start. 
Well as most of you already know, about two weeks ago we launched our very first Roller Derby Team Uniforms Catalogue which has been going fantastically. Teams form across Canada have been contacting us and we're suuuper excited! If you're just hearing about this now feel free to email us and we'll send you a copy ( We're in the midst of getting in on our website but since each order is customized and unique we're working on a way to get it on there organized and easy to view. But for you our loyal blog readers we have posted a few images to drool over....
The Graveyard (team uniform)
Racer (team uniform)

Our very first derby girls to wear our team uniforms:
Coyote Convict and Hash'em Slash'em
Onto to some other news we just got back this weekend form an amazing derby tournament in Sarnia called The Roller Derby Spring Clean Up hosted by The Crude Oil Crushers. It was an amazing event full of bad ass fun loving derby girls and supporters! I believe they’re going to turn this into a yearly event and I highly recommend making it out to next year's show. To everyone who came out "Thanks for being so amazing!!"

Oh Oh! And in other news...this isn't even on our website either...yet...Monster Muffin is an official sponsor of TORD (Toronto Roller Derby) We very excited to be able to support these ladies and we look forward to being at all the events to meet everyone.

I think that's about it, if I make these blogs too long anyways I'm pretty sure half of you won't read them....I know I wouldn't ;) Short sweet and simple is where it's at!


Miss Muffin

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