Monday, 22 August 2011

New Guys Clothing

Ok so over a year ago at good ol’ Hot Rod Hootenanny I promised an awesome customer I would post new stuff “shortly”. This year he showed up again at the show and kindly but sternly called me on the fact that I still hadn’t posted anything new….and he was right and to him especially I apologize it took me so long. But I did finally post some new pieces that I think are totally kick ass. I love the new vinyl design we’ve got going on the back and the fabric is really freakin’ comfortable. Special thanks to our photographer Big Eye Studios and to our model Jeremy Matheison of Sink or Swim Tattoos. I hadn’t done a photo shoot with a male model in awhile… wait, ever….and I couldn’t believe how fast everything went. Usually with ladies we’ve got to do hair, makeup, style the whole outfit and then fix the hair every time the wind blows. But with guys you just dress them and there you go! We were off to shoot at out location in no time and after only 15 minutes of shooting we were ready to move onto the next outfit. Honestly it was the quickest and easiest shoot I’ve ever done and it turned out fantastic.

So check out the new stuff online and be sure to tell your friends, us little Canadian designers need all the “word spreading” we can get ^_^ 
Hug’s n tickles,
Miss Muffin

Rumbling Rage Roller Derby Shop

Wow, a lot has been going on and I’ve been slacking big time on my blogs, so here it is I’m going to write a few today that will hopefully catch everyone up to speed.
Photographer: DEEK Images
Model: Madison Skye Ingram
Hair & MUA: Model
Styling/Set Dressing:Pretty Deadly Stylz

First things first we are SUPER excited about all the awesome feedback we’ve been getting on our roller derby collection which can now be found at the total badass store in Barrie, Ontario called Rumbling Rage Roller Derby Shop.  They’ve also got an online store you can check:  Renata, the owner, is a roller derby girl herself and let me tell you you’ve gotta be badass to be a derby girl. She came over last week with one of the biggest bruises I’ve ever seen! Tryouts for next years team is in a couple of weeks and I dunno man, I wanna join up but I’m not sure I’m tough enough. These girls mean business. I do have a pretty sick pair of roller skates though…..that I’ll admit have never seen the light of day, I’m far to shy to be falling all over the sidewalk lol.
Ok so other then that I’ve been working on a bunch of new derby gear that will be getting posted later this week, I’ll keep you all posted on that.
Have a kick ass day and keep skatin’!

Miss Muffin