Monday, 13 June 2011

Roller Derby Madness!

Feline634 Photography, Model Amy Morandin
Makeup Jessica Mariie
It's Ass Kickin' Time.
We've just (literally as I'm typing this my website is uploading the new pages) posted our new ROLLER DERBY short shorts! We've done custom roller derby oufits in the past and thought it'd be fun to create some ready made ones for you sexy ladies out there. We've got pink sparkly leopard print ones, silver zebra ones, striped ones, solid ones and you can even custom order your team colour!

AND to make things even more fun, Pretty Deadly Stylz took the liberty of using our shorts in a super awesome photoshoot for Auxiliary Magazine! So not only are they online to buy, they're also published in a sweet alternative magazine.

So check it all out, tell your friends and have an ass kickin' week!

Hugs n' punches,
Miss Muffin

Auxiliary Magazine June/July 2011
Stylist Pretty Deadly Stylz
Model Chloe Veronique
Makeup Wanda McRae
Hair Lisa Tuff
Photographer Catre-Blanche