Monday, 11 April 2011

Custom Custom Bo Bustom....

Hey Guys and Ghouls!
What a freaking B-E-A-utiful weekend! At least here in good ol' Bradford. The sun was shinin' the birds were singin' and little buds have started to pop out on the trees. Life is good. But yes, this post is not about the weather, it's about all the kick ass custom orders we've been getting lately. So here the Cole's Notes version of my weekend:
Saturday I had some beautiful ladies come by to see the first of five custom bridesmaid dresses. Great ladies and a fabulous bride make for and fun day. Never thought I be sewing emerald green gowns and love them, they are truly beautiful. Next was a maid of honour, from another wedding, getting fitted in her custom dress. Hers is a low back, strapless, heart shape neckline sexy little black dress with a white bow tie detail in the back. Too cute!

Sunday! Up and early sew sew sew, then a custom coat fitting for one of my long time wicked customers. We're making her a custom winter coat for our cold Canadian winters. Her coat is going to be so freakin cool I can't wait to show you all, you’re going to freak! Next was a fitting for a set of custom singlet’s (you know those unitard looking tights) for some wrestlers, again, can't wait to get some photos back of these two muscle men. And the final ladies of my busy weekend got measured up for a custom skirt with a matching top and her daughter is having me make a one piece bathing suit all retro 50's style. Seriously going to be sweet.

So that was it! Today I slept in til 12:30 and I don't even feel bad, what an awesome busy weekend. I hope all of you out there had a good one too!

If you want to check out some custom work of mine have a look through my online port:

And if you want or omg absolutely NEED something kick ass made gimmie a shout 905-551-0821.


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Mysterion the Mind Reader

Bonjour/Good Day!
So I just spent an hour talking on the phone with the incredibly funny, slightly insane but completely wickedly cool Mysterion the Mind Reader. As many of you know we made Mysterion a custom evil doctor lab coat last fall (picture below). But now we are in the works for some even more twisted and fun costumes. But for that you will have to wait....

For those of you who are not familiar with the all powerful Mysterion I highly recommend checking him out. We first crossed paths at Hotrod Hootenanny where Mysterion performed one of his fantastical mentalism demonstrations. He blew our minds so much that we had him come to our wedding where he again not only stunned us but all of our friends and family as well. Words cannot explain what this man is capable of; you will just have to check him out for yourself:

To the wonderfully and awe inspiring world we live in,

Monday, 4 April 2011

Green Fever!

It's plastered over everything: "eco friendly, organic, small carbon footprint" and so on. We've never really boasted about what we do to "be green" ...until now.

Ways we are Eco Friendly:
1- Canadian Made, and always will be. This means that what you buy from us hasn't had to travel half way around our planet and was made in a sweat shop free environment.

2- Quality made, our garments are made to be worn and to last. We pre-shrink and test everything to ensure it will hold up over time and still fit properly.

3- When possible we buy form Canadian fabric mills, again the shorter the distance something needs to travel the smaller the impact on the environment.

4- Organic Fabrics. This one is new for us and not everything so far has been switched over. We are looking into making more (and soon everything) from organic/eco friendly fabics.

5- We recycle every tid bit of fabric. Smaller pieces are made into kitty beds and filled with even smaller pieces of fabric. Beds are then donated to the OSPCA for cute little animals to sleep on, aww.

We are always looking into more and better ways we can have a positive impact on the environment. We love our planet and want it to last, as I'm sure you do too.

Cheers to planet Earth!