Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Toronto Clothing Show

Good Day Ladies  & Gents!

The Clothing Show is drawing near, next weekend to be exact. The fun begins Friday May 27th and runs until Sunday the 29th.

Now I'm going to be honest here, and those of you who have come to the show in the past may have I take that back, I know you have noticed that the show seemed to be heading into a bit of a lull. Owners Clayton and Bonnie are fantastic people with a smart business sense and whole heartedly care about helping out local designers and artisans. They have made some major changes to the event this year that I'm personally stoked about. I bring these changes to your attention as I really think you should all come down and check it all out.
The Clothing Show will be held at a different venue, The Queen Elizabeth Building, Exhibition Place, with a much better layout. The fashion show runway now takes place in the middle of the show and is held in the Local Designers section. Oh that's right, Local Designers! And that's where we'll be. By now all of you know how much we boast about being Canadian made and support others who are so we're SUPER excited about this new section.

Check out some of our awesomely talented friends while your there:

One more thing, we've come out with our first run of ladies jeans and need your help making sure the fit is juuuuust right. So if you come by and try on any pair of jeans we'll give you $5 in Monster Muffin Money to spend on anything in our booth, even if it's on a ridiculous sale already! Plus you'll get the warm fuzzy good feeling of helping me ^_^.

For full details visit:

Can't wait to see you!!!


Sunday, 15 May 2011

As Busy As A Canadian Beaver!

Ello Boys and Ghouls,
So I've been working on some pretty kick ass stuff lately that I'm sure you'll love, and to start things off I'd like to show you a custom, 30's inspired, one piece male bathing suit! Oh you heard that right...this one is fab-u-lous and of course I've got pictures to show. Below you'll see the ever fantastic, super awesome, creepily seductive Mysterion the Mind Reader posing it up. How can you not smile while checking this fine beast out?!

Earlier I was working on a few bad ass custom wrestling outfits. These wrestlers are SO much fun to make outfits for. How can one not be happy with sparkly spandex at ones dingers tips? If you or someone you know is into wrestling send them my way for some sweet gear, I loved working on these and plan on doing more.

And that's not it, we've been working hard on new styles for both guys and gals, so check back soon and I'll be posting what we've got.

Hugs n love with Monster Muffin kisses,