Monday, 28 March 2011

Sink or Swim Tattoos

I recently (less than 24 hours ago) got a sick tattoo at Sink or Swim by the amazing artist Jeremy Mathieson. I definitely suggest checking him and the rest of the crew out. Here’s a pic of the beginning of the masterpiece. It's not finished, so maybe it’s a faux pas to go and post pictures but I'm pretty psyched and want to share it with you guys. The band around the waist will later become a measuring tape that comes out and around a bunch of other wicked sewing related pieces.

Antoine got inked at the same time by the super talented Kris Hearn. His is the beginning of a sleeve themed off of The Never Ending Story so more pictures will be posted as it comes along. Kris did the Ivory Tower just yesterday and Jeremy did the swallow and ball and chain wedding ring awhile ago.

All the guys at Sink or Swim are not only wicked at what they do but are all round cool cats to hang out with.

Thats it for this post, now go get some ink!

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